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Make a Gas-tank Pull-Handle

Tired of getting your hands dirty when refueling? How about if you had a fuel tank with a neat little pull handle? No you're not dreaming, this little rugged handle for your gas tank can be home made in less than 15 minutes! And it cost very little too! Enjoy!

Supplies needed:
  • (2)small-medium sized zip ties(any color)
  • (1)6" piece of medium fuel tubing
  • lexan scissors(any sharp scissors will do)
  • Patience(this one is very important)

Loop one of your zip ties through the hole(s) in your gas tank lid.

Pull the zip tie through itself.

Pull zip tie tight until it is tight on the gas tank lid.

Put your fuel tubing on the zip tie, it might take some persuasion to go on, but it's worth it.

Take your second zip tie and put it on the tail of the 1st zip tie.

Push the zip tie down until there is no gap between the fuel tubing and the zip tie.

Now cut off the excess from the first zip tie.

Your getting there.

Now cut off the excess from the second zip tie.

Looks good doesn't it?

And so functional too!

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