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Not everyone has a PhD in photography, but everyone wants to take great pictures of their RC Cars! This guide will help the rest of us put your next photo on par with National Geographics Photographers (National Geographics is a magazine famous for its gorgeous photos)

*Though each tip is subtle when examined one by one, they will combine to form an amazing picture when used together.

Special Thanks to photographer Dan Clark for taking the time and efforts to capture all pictures you see here.

No Smoke Stacks (Body Posts)
No Smoke Stacks: Always cut/adjust the body posts to a minimum lenght such that you see as little of it as possible in the picture. If you don't want to cut your body posts but still want to get rid of the body posts, you can purchase a set of Adjustable Body Posts. (Ask for this item at your Local Hobby Store for details)

Show Off those rims, Don't hide them!
Unless your rims are very roughed up, you should always have the front wheels face the camera.  Most catalogs of real cars do the same thing. Furthermore, make sure they are clean! A dirty set of wheels will make your car look old and out of style. If you can't clean it, then swap wheels from the other side of the car, perhapes they are not as dirty or roughed up.

Always include a chassis
Having a great looking body shows off your painting skills, but without a set of wheels to go with it, it looks way to flimsy and abandoned.

1 Car per picture
Unless you know exactly what you are doing, try to exclude other cars from your picture. Having another car there will distract the primary vehicle and the viewers will pay less attention to it. This includes portions of another car as well, you want your car to have the full attention of the audience.

Special Effects: Roll the camera
Instead of having your camera level to the ground, you can try rolling your camera a bit to get a funky feel to the shot. For starters, try rolling the camera 30. Remember, it never hurts to experiment!

The Lower the camera, the More realistic
If you are not trying to show off your artwork at the top of the body, then you should get down on your knees to get a low angle shot. The lower your camera is to the ground, the more realistic the car becomes. This is because in a real car situation, you are not 80 feet tall looking down on a 5 feet high car. For the example shots above, Dan had to get down on his chest. Ouch! But it's worth it!

Always focus on the CAR
For those of us who has a camera that lets you set focus manually, you should try your very best to focus on the car. As you can see, an out of focus picture really sucks. For cameras that automatically focus for you, you should have the car in the middle of your view finder. This will help the camera find the correct object to auto focus on.