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The definitive guide on how to paint your nice new shell and make it look amazing, using nothing but spray cans!
First of all you will need the right equipment! Here is a list of all the things that you will need:
  1. Washing up liquid
  2. Water
  3. A pencil
  4. A clean towel
  5. 3M general masking tape
  6. Craft/Hobby knife
  7. A can/or two (depending on design) of Spray Paint (don't skimp on quality here!)
  8. A permanent marker
  9. Denatured alcohol.
Once you have all of these things, then you are ready to begin!

Next you will need to prepare the body ready for painting.
Take your time doing this and it will pay dividends!
Wash the inside of the body with the Washing up liquid and water. Then rinse off all the soap, and dry completely with a clean towel.
Find the window masks that come with your shell and stick them on the inside of the body using the window lines as markers. Firmly press down on the edges of the window masks with your finger nails to ensure no bleeding of the paint.

Mark out the Graphics;
Draw the design on the outside of the body using the permanent marker, and place a strip of tape on the inside of the body over the area of your graphics, overlap the tape if one strip isn’t enough for you design. Be sure to follow the shape of the body closely and that there is no air bubbles under the tape. Hold the body up to a bright light and trace the design on to the tape using a pencil. If this is your first time at graphics, keep it simple! With your craft knife, cut out the design you have drawn onto the tape. Take your time and experiment with the amount of pressure you need to apply to cut the tape, yet not mark the body! Tape off the rest of the bit you don’t want painted and write in pencil what colour you want it to be on the tape. Carefully seal the edges of the cut areas of your design using your fingernail, ensuring all edges are completely stuck to the body.

Put the bottom half of the can of paint in to warm water first. This will make the paint spray more evenly and make it easier to stick to the shell. Paint the darkest colour first because you don’t want it to show through do you? Then spray the lightest last. It’s best to spray three light coats, rather than two thick coats. This will reduce the chance of ugly bleeding, and paint flaking off in a crash!

Peel off the masked portion for your next colour and continue to paint each colour, taking the necessary drying time between coats, back coats, and colours.
If you are using light/metallic/candy colours then back these with silver or white to give the best finish, as to not let it be see through.

Decorating it!
When all paint is dry, remove window templates and overspray film.
Using denatured alcohol remove any over spray (omit this step if your body came with a outside plastic coating), residue and design sketches from the outside of the body.

Detail the body using decals, permanent markers,and paint pens as desired.

Final Touches!
Carefully trim the body edges a little at a time.

Now you can drill holes in the shell using a reamer, or traditional drill.

Now mount your hot ride and give it a track test!