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Getting the right tools, below is what you'll need to complete the entire transfer. You must gather every one of the following items, no replacements or substitutes.
  1. A design that you want to use printed on paper.
  2. Ball Point Pen (MUST be ball point)
  3. Masking Tape, wider the tape the better
Get these Tools + your body

For the example I will be using in this guide, I've chosen mask number 0002 designed by Michael Mitnik. As well as the tools I've mentioned, you will obviously also need your Lexan Body.

Step 2
Flip the paper in which you have the mask printed on so that it's on it's back. Take your pencil and trace it. *Press as HARD as you can. Now you should have the design you want on both sides of the paper, one is in pencil, the other one is in your printer's ink.

If the original ink doesn't show through the paper clearly enough for you to trace, try these modifications:
- Add more light to the room you are working in
- Attempt this on a table with very light colors (Eg. White table)
- If the sun is still up, place it against a window so that light will shine through.

Tracing on the Back

This is me tracing the design on the back of the original with my pencil. Look carefully then you will see the lines I am following. And remember; press as hard as you can!

Step 3
Now that you have a pencil version of the Skull on both sides, lets begin preparing the Lexan body. In this step, I will apply my masking tape to the inside of Lexan body. The area of the masking tape must be bigger than the size of the skull (or any other design you've print). I shouldn't have to tell you this, but you want to put the tape where you want your design to be painted :)

Fat Masking Tape

Try to use as little layer of masking tape as possible, it will prevent bleeding at the joint of the layers. Here I have minimized my chances of bleeding by using only 2 fat layers of masking tape.

Step 4
Finally, you can take your original and place it face up on the masking tape. The pencil side should be touching the masking tape and the printed sided should be facing you. For my application, I had to cut the original into a smaller piece so that it can fit inside the hood area without crunching up the paper. Finally, take your ballpoint pen and simply trace the design on the printed side. The pressure from the ballpoint pen will cause the pencil marks on the other side to transfer itself onto the masking tape. Press Hard

Hint: Tape the original to the body to hold it down while you draw on it.

Hint: Press really hard on the pen and go over the design twice or more to get a clean transfer exactoknife the masking tape.

Step 5
Remove the original and start admiring your work! You should be left with a light pencil version of the design on the masking tape. You can then use your hobby knife or exactoknift to cut out the excess masking tape. Now you have a perfect copy of the printed paint mask on your body! Congratulations!

Finish Product

Look! Can you see the skull on the masking tape?