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I installed them on a fresh shell, so what I did was mask off the area behind the head and tail light decals. After painting the body, you have clear spots where the lights go. Then apply the decals.

    You will see in the photos how I mounted the LED’s. When they light up, they light the whole decal up so it looks like a real head light or tail light!!! Not just a small spot where you made the hole!!

    The other thing you will notice from the photos is there are two battery connectors. This is due to the fact that if you mount the micro switch for the brake lights, you cannot remove the body!!! So I just cut the wires and attached the connector to it so I could uncouple the switch from the body.

    I used 9 volt battery connectors because I had about 10 of them around the house, But you can use any connector you want. Other then that, Installation is a snap!!!!

*If you already painted your shell, just scrap the paint from behind the decals no problem!!