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The following guide is designed for the first time racer, who is just about to enter their first race. It can also be used by a few more experienced racers who are muffins and forget everything!
It is highly recommended that you read ALL of this pages' content.

1.1 Intro
Tournament Guide This guide is divided up into 4 main sections for your convenience! These are "Pre-Race", "Qualifying", "Race", and "Post-Race". Its aim is to guide you through your first tournament, and hopefully set the stones for a good racing future! Why Race?

So Okay, you've brought your first car. You practiced around car parks, in the street and just about anywhere that you can. But its just missing something... Other people! You crave the thrill of racing against other people just like you. You want to race, and most of all you want to WIN! This guide will help you. If you do what it says you will have a trouble free first race, and if your driving is up to scratch may have a good chance of finishing well!


The goal of all racers, to win!

1.2 Format of Race

Most likely the race will follow a format close to this.

Booking in and free Practice

Qualifying heats (3 each)

Final heats (racing 1 each)


Booking in As soon as you get there, and once race control is open, go and book in! Some people forget, and that can be a bit embarrassing! Once you've done this, take a walk around just looking at your competition. Have a look to see if anyone has the same car as you, and just go up to them and have a chat if they don't look busy! (which they shouldn't at this time!!) Its a great time to make friends, which will help you incase you break down/need help/set up! Also find out what heat your in. Get you number, and transponder... Go as soon as they are displayed, and check twice!

In this section, are things to do before you get to the track, and things to do when you get there. Read it carefully, good preparation is the key to success!

Little things that you can do at home before you set out for the track are vitally important in having a stress free time at the race!

1.4 Check your car over!

Checking Over Check car over your car before you leave for the track!!. There are 4 main maintenance points, that you should check over!





These 4 are the main points, but that's not to say you shouldn't check over all the rest of the car! Have a quick check over and if you see anything broken, replace it! Don't try and be stingy and just tape/glue it back together, it will most likely break again if you get hit in the race!

This is important to do thoroughly because if not, then you may find out that when you start your qualifier/race, something silly like a wheel might fall off! And trust me, you look an awful prat when that happens!

1.5 Practicing

Go Practice! Remember to take extra batteries/fuel for practicing! The usual way for practicing is the "peg board" system. This is a board with all frequencies written on it. If your frequencies are there (you should have at least 3) you take the peg, attach it to your controller, go on the rostrum, and drive! When you have finished, return the peg to its correct position on the board. Do not take the peg back to your pits with you as someone may be waiting to use it! Do not turn your car/transmitter on at any other time other than if you have a peg for practicing! As you may disrupt someone else's practicing and cause then to crash! Whilst practicing have a pit man down by the track. By using him, direct him what to do to get the get setup as close as possible to perfect. If you have no idea on what to do to get a better handling car, ask!


1.6 Equipment


It seems a bit of a stupid point to make, but check where your racing, if you need to take a table and chairs along with you! You will not want to have to sit on the floor to do work on your car, and you'll want somewhere to sit when your not racing or marshalling! It doesn't have to be huge, just a fold up table and a plastic garden chair will do nicely!

Now dont be silly!

This Table is far too big!


Tires make up 90% of the cars handling, so you better get this bit right! People can be on or off the pace depending what tire choice they make. Quite a few races nowadays have control tires. Which means if you want to race, you will need them! It makes the racing more eve, and 9 times out of 10 they are the best tires for the track anyway!

If they are not using control tires (check beforehand!), then the best thing to do is ask around, and see what tires the fastest people are running. If racing indoors on carpet, then you will only need the one set of tires, as whatever other people are using will be good for next time. But outside in varying weather conditions, it would be advisable to have at least 3 sets of tires. A hot condition tire, a cold condition, and of course a wet tire! Find out what ones to get, ask around most people will be happy to help you!

Batteries and motor choice

Really this should be sorted out before you get to the track! The best thing to do is to have a wonder round at a previous race, and see what everyone is running. Then if you need a motor/batteries go and buy them! It really is that simple! Motor wise go for the best you can buy, and batteries get ones with good voltage and ones that will last long enough for the motor you are running!

  • 27t Stock class ----> you can just make do with Sport 1500's here. They last long enough, but lack higher voltage!
    Any batteries like matched 2000's/2400's are perfect. 3000's are a bit too much hassle for stock, though its up to you!!

  • Mod Class----> You need better batteries for this! 2000's will just last on the right gearing
    Matched 2400's are just right
    Whereas if you want to completely blow the bank balance get matched 3000's for that extra bit of power.
    My advice, stick with matched 2400's as they will last long enough and have ample power!

Charge batteries

Charge batteries beforehand, and make sure they are fully peaked. Dumping due to insuffienciently charged batteries is a way too common reason of pulling, out which can be easily sorted. If you know you cant make it because of fast motor/poor cells, then change so you can (higher gear ratio, etc) ... a slower motor, may make you slower, but to finish first, first you must finish! Make sure fresh ones are in for race... make sure you have enough for practice as well.

1.7 Before your Race!

Before your race make sure you put fresh batteries in or re-fuel your car! I loose count of how many times people forget to put in new batteries for the next round and end up pulling out after half a lap because they then only realize! Put tape or something on the used batteries just to make a visual reference not to put these back in the car once they are used! Same with fuel, fill the tank up!

Remember to fuel-up!

I find the best time to do this is directly after your heat. You go and put your car down and then go and marshal. When you come back, first thing you should do for an electric car is take batteries out, and if they are not fully dumped, put them on a discharger!

1.8 Qualifying

Corners which have accidents in qualifying are going to be even busier whilst racing. Learn form this and try to avoid bundling into them whilst racing. Also if there's a corner which you get wrong remember it for racing!

One Hell of a line-up!

With this point comes the fact that if someone is trying to lap you, and is clearly fast than you, do not try and race him for position! you will mostly likely ruin his run, and you could get penalized for this.

1.9 Format

This is quite important to remember! Firstly the race director will call out what heat qualifying it is. It is up to you to remember which one you're in, no-one will come to find you if you forget!

For the first round of qualifying, you start in the order of the numbers you were given by the computer; i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... with a one second interval. Thus meaning your not actually racing each other for position! When you finish your heat, pull off as soon as you finish (or in the pull off area if there is one) and wait there until the rest of the heat is finished.

Number 2, good enough!

After the race is over, make sure you follow any directions the race director gave everyone before the racing started. Sometimes your car and radio must be left on a table, sometimes you are able to take your car back to your pit area. Either way, make sure you get back out to the track to do your turn marshaling duties! Every racer has to turn marshal the race immediately after theirs, this is the best way to make sure everyone does their marshal duty and everyone has an equal chance to get going the right way if they crash or make a mistake during their race. Turn marshaling is basically watching a specific part of the track and turning over any cars that crash in that area.

For the next two heats, the starting order will be, the order you finished in for the round beforehand. So if you were number 9, and you finished second behind number 5 the starting order would be 5,9... and so on.

2.0 Tips

Corners which have accidents in qualifying are going to be even busier whilst racing. Learn form this and try to avoid bundling into them whilst racing. Also if there's a corner which you get wrong in qualifying, remember it for racing!

Race Control

Qualifying is all a big gamble. If your not doing too good, each new round, make changes to your cars set up and see what these results have and try and get it right for racing in. A car which is easier to drive but maybe slower will be better in a race, as you cant keep up on the edge driving for 5 minutes in a faster car!

Try to get as good as possible so you know you limits for race. i.e. "I can take that end corner flat out" so you will know that for racing!

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